Mamaroneck's Carly Sonenclar Makes 'X Factor' Top 12

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Carly Rose Sonenclar, a 13-year-old "X Factor" contestant from Mamaroneck, advanced to the Top 12 on Thursday night.
Carly Rose Sonenclar, a 13-year-old "X Factor" contestant from Mamaroneck, advanced to the Top 12 on Thursday night. Photo Credit: X Factor

MAMARONECK, N.Y. - Carly Rose Sonenclar, a 13-year-old Mamaroneck resident, advanced another round on "X Factor" Thursday night with the second-most viewer votes in the competition.

Sonenclar's performance of "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars on Wednesday night ended with a small sob as she faced the crowd.

"X Factor" judge Demi Lovato, who previously questioned Sonenclar's readiness for the competition, called the performance incredible. Infamous for his harsh words and high standards, Simon Cowell called Sonenclar "a star in the making."

After making it to the Top 12, Sonenclar took to her official Facebook page to thank the viewers who put her in the number two spot. "Thank you so much for the support and thank you so much for voting!!! I feel so blessed! Working hard for next week!"

Sonenclar is part of the teenagers group on "X Factor." Her competition "mentor" Britney Spears also took to Twitter to support Sonenclar after her performance Wednesday night. "Blown away, again. U are magic! Got my vote," the tweet read.

Also advancing Thursday night were fellow teens, Arin Ray, Beatrice Miller and Diamond White and young adults, Cece Frey, Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas. Following One Direction's success, groups are well-accounted for in the finalists, with Emblem3, Fifth Harmony and Lyric 145. The "Over 25s" group saw the first elimination with Jason Brock receiving the least number of votes from viewers. Joining country singer Tate Stevens, was Vino Alan in the next round.

In an interview with "X Factor," Sonenclar said that her taste in jazz and soul music separates her from the other contestants. "I think that my style is different than a lot of other people," she said.

"In the end, they're judging based off of mainly what you do when you're on the stage, so I want to make sure that that's the best that I can be."

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Carly Rose is one savvy 13-year-old! She is one of Simon Cowell's first generation of singing talent made possible by all these singing talent shows. Her Facebook page shows a very high level of intelligence and drive. Having been in several Broadway productions should certainly help Carly win. Makes you wonder why any child is wasting their time going to school, now a days. Simply figure out what you want in life at an early age, and GO FOR IT!

Carly Rose's emotional performance was the highlight of the week.