Mamaroneck Library Hosts 'Dog Days Of Summer'

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Therapy dogs Charly and Nettie will be at the Mamaroneck Public Library from 2-4 p.m. Saturday demonstrating their good behavior skills and loving nature. Photo Credit: Lori Friedli
Mamaroneck Village Police Officer Frank Police Maresca will be demonstrating the training and capabilities of Officer Neal at the library's "Dog Days of August" event this Saturday. Photo Credit: Lori Friedli

MAMARONECK, N.Y. – Dog lovers and enthusiasts, or those just interested in learning about dogs, are encouraged to attend the Mamaroneck Public Library’s “Dog Days of August” event Saturday.

“We hope the public will go home with an idea of how to keep their pets healthy and what service dogs do for this community,” Reference Librarian and therapy dog handler Lori Friedli said.

From 2-4 p.m., the public is welcome to attend any or all three presentations on therapy dogs, community service dogs and pet health, safety and first aid.

Feidli will be bringing her two Burmese Mountain dogs, Charly and Nettie. As certified therapy dogs, she will demonstrate their abilities of restraint and control when faced with distractions, as well as their overall friendly nature. Two other therapy dogs, a Burmese Mountain dog named Olivia and a Newfoundland named Oz the Great, also will be demonstrating their good behavior skills to the audience.

“There’s a big need for therapy dogs, especially for senior residents,” Friedli said. “It’s been proven that when endorphins go up, it is very good for overall health.”

Dr. Laura Twedt of Meadow Veterinary Hospital in White Plains will be giving a short demonstration of first response aid for pets. She also will be speaking about overall pet health, including diet, teeth, weight, and exercise.

“In Westchester we have a lot of people who have overweight pets, which is just as bad for them as it is for as humans in causing joint pain and arthritis,” Friedli said. “Dr. Twedt will be able to touch on some of those things in her lecture.”

Mamaroneck Village Police Officer Frank Maresca will bring his K-9 partner, German Shepard Officer Neal, to demonstrate the importance of his training and capabilities. He also will give a short presentation on how canine service dogs help the village.

“I’ve always wanted him to come speak to the kids in the library,” Friedli said. “Mamaroneck is blessed to have a service dog like Neal in the community.”

More information about this free event can be found at the Mamaroneck Public Library’s website

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