Mamaroneck Public Library Passes Its 2014-15 Budget

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The Mamaroneck Public Library has passed a budget for 2014-15. Photo Credit: Mamaroneck Public Library

MAMARONECK, N.Y. -- The Mamaroneck Public Library 2014-15 budget was overwhelmingly passed, the library announced in a press release.

The budget, which will rise 2 percent from the current budget, allows for modest increases in books and media, as well as updated maintenance contracts for the facility’s mechanical systems, such as HVAC, center officials said.

“We were so pleased to have such a positive response to the vote, which will allow us to continue our commitment of service to the community,” stated Library Board of Trustees President Christine Love in the release.

Library Director Susan Riley expressed thanks to the residents of the Village of Mamaroneck for their continued support.

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Comments (1)

Tom Murphy:

The Library is the best bargain for your tax dollar. For a tiny percentage of your total tax bill you get access to all of the accumulated knowledge of civilization.

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