Rye Playland Among Top 10 Must-Sees To Visit In Hudson Valley

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Rye Playland

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- There are thousands of interesting places throughout the Hudson Valley, however there are 10 must-sees, according to travelhudsonvalley.com, and Rye Playland is one of them.

Playland was cited for its 50 rides and historic wooden coaster and carousel .

For the complete list Hudson Valley,  visit www.travelhudsonvalley.com.

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Ummmm.....don't know how or why this photo got so royally screwed up, but somehow everything in it is flip-flopped onto the wrong sides of the park! Please fix, this doesn't even look like Playland! Everything in this pic that shows up on right side of music tower should be on the left side in the pic, and vice-versa. I was so confused when I saw this that I wasn't even sure it was PLAYLAND!

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