'Well-Educated' Woman Snaps on Metro-North Train

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A video of a self-proclaimed "well-educated" woman getting mouthy with a Metro-North conductor has gone viral, appearing on Yahoo News, Gawker and even the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom.

After allegedly using profanity while talking loudly on a cell phone, a woman who reportedly boarded the New York-bound train in Westport on Tuesday night loses her cool after a conductor asks her to stop using profane language.

"I was not cursing. Excuse me, do you know what schools I've been to and how well-educated I am?" the accused potty-mouth tells the conductor.

Matters got worse after the conductor began telling another conductor why she asked the woman to lower her voice and said she heard the passenger use the "f-bomb."

"From my mouth?" the passenger blurted out in disbelief before she once again reminded the conductor of how well-educated she is. "I was talking in a private conversation to my friend about something."

Frustrated with the passenger's loud behavior, the conductor informs her that the train will be stopped and she'll be asked to exit if she does not lower her voice. The passenger, now irate, then demands the train be stopped and that she be given her money back. As the conductors begin walking out of the train car, the passenger makes one final statement.

"I am not a crazy person. I'm a very well-educated person," she said, this statement followed by silence and then a short burst of laughter from another train rider.

It's been reported that, shortly after the woman made a scene, an announcement was made asking passengers not to use profanity, "especially those people who went to Harvard or Yale or are from Westport."

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Comments (4)

I ride the train quite often, and I'm amazed at the people who have "private" conversations that are actually broadcast to everyone around them. These same people get angry if you ask them to tone it down. Annoying and rude.

You'd think that someone who is so well educated would know that you don't need to scream into a cell phone in order to be heard; I've had several conversations on my cell phone while on the train, and speaking at a conversational volume is possible. Second, how does one have a "private" conversation when others can hear you while utilizing PUBLIC transportation?

Does she know you can be well educated AND crazy?

Was she from Lewisboro?