Stuck Trucks Tie Up Mamaroneck Avenue

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A box truck became stuck under the Metro-North Railroad overpass on Mamaroneck Avenue in Mamaroneck on Tuesday afternoon. Photo Credit: Laurie Lawless
The driver of a stuck truck and a tow truck worker let air out of the truck's tires on Mamaroneck Avenue so they can remove it from under the railroad overpass. Photo Credit: Laurie Lawless
On July 23 a tractor-trailer hit the railroad overpass on Mamaroneck Avenue. Photo Credit: contributed

MAMARONECK, N.Y. – A box truck tied up traffic on Mamaroneck Avenue early Tuesday afternoon after it became stuck under the Metro North overpass.

According to by-standers, this isn't a rare occurrence in this particular location. MTA workers said that this was the seventh or eighth truck to get stuck just this past week while they have been working on the overpass. Each time a truck gets stuck, they have to stop what they are doing until the truck is removed, Mamaroneck, they said.

But police said since May 1, offiicers have responded to a call for a truck striking the bridge only six times.

The truck that was stuck today had “Northeast Battery Ultrapower” written on the side of it, and had plates from Indiana. It was stuck in the left hand lane on the southbound side of Mamaroneck Avenue. The truck driver helped the tow company’s worker release air pressure from the tires to lower the truck. The driver attempted to pull the truck forward, but the top began scraping along the bridge again. The driver put the truck in reverse and backed out. The top of the truck was heavily damaged.

Yesterday a tractor trailer smashed into the front of the bridge in the same lane of traffic. That trailer was severely damaged by the impact.

Each time a truck hits the bridge, a bridge inspector has to come out the scene to make sure the structure of the bridge hasn’t been compromised. 

Numerous trucks have been running into and getting stuck under bridges all over Westchester County recently, especially on the Hutchinson, Saw Mill River, Cross County and the Bronx River parkways. Westchester County Police blame the high number of incidents on drivers following GPS directions and not paying attention to signs.

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