Cuomo Has $33M To Ward Off Possible Astorino Challenge

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo's political committee recently reported a campaign fund of more than $33 million to help secure reelection. Photo Credit: File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Should Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino decide to run against incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo, he will likely be at a significant financial disadvantage, according to the Democrat and Chronicle. 

Cuomo's camp reported raising more than $7 million over the last six months, bringing his campaign war-chest to a total of $33 million, the Democrat and Chronicle reported. 

While Astorino has yet to give a final decision on running against the governor, his campaign funds sat at approximately $680,000 in early December following his decisive victory over Noam Bramson to retain his position as county executive, according to the Democrat and Chronicle. 

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Lightweight? Astorino has stood up to the bullying Feds to protect Westchester taxpayers. Cuomo is a bully - he was part of HUD - and he's the intellectual lightweight.


Can't say I care for voted or either one of them, but people will give Cuomo another term. Like his father, if he decides to run a third time he will be extremely vulnerable and a lightweight like Astorino could prevail.

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