Cuomo's Living Arrangement With Lee Is Like Being Married, Astorino Says

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Rob Astorino said the relationship between Sandra Lee and Gov. Andrew Cuomo should require her to disclose financial investments.
Rob Astorino said the relationship between Sandra Lee and Gov. Andrew Cuomo should require her to disclose financial investments. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive and Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino said Gov. Andrew Cuomo's living arrangement with Sandra Lee is so much like a marriage that the celebrity chef should file a financial disclosure form with the state, according to the New York Daily News. 

Astorino said Lee should have to disclose her financial investments to make sure there isn't a conflict of interest with the state, the Daily News said. 

Cuomo and Lee have a home in New Castle.

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  • 37

Comments (37)

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I'll bet activist Bill is crying everytime his taxes are raised to help the downtrodden, he is probably a founder of NIMBY (not in my backyard)

Who likes their taxes to go up? I don't know of anyone who wants their taxes to go up for any reason. We don't have a say of how our taxes are used. I got really upset during the last Presidential Election campaign how many people in this country don't pay taxes. I didn't have children cause I couldn't afford a two bedroom apartment. When I found out how many people were having children they could not afford to have and I was paying over $30,000 a year so that they could have them, I got really angry. When my father at age 92 (a former Vet) needed government help to stay in a nursing home, it took the social worker months of intensive scrutiny over my parent's financial situation, to allow him Medicaid, it really killed me. My mother had to pay lots of money in penalties and for a lawyer. They worked and paid their own way all their lives but their income was modest. A nursing home was $15-20000 a month! But paying for others to milk the system when they do not deserve it, really upsets me. I walk the streets of White Plains everyday and believe me it is easier not working, than trying to work and contribute. I have disabilities but yet I paid my way and worked till I could retire. Wake up people, there are lots of people we are funding that do not deserve it. Women have children and claim the fathers don't live with them or work to claim public funds. We are paying for this and they keep having more and more children. Not every mother is a great parent. I worked with many of those who were neglected and abused by their own mothers. It is not a good thing. Vote people and become active in every fight you feel passionate about! But knocking someone else for how they should feel, is just not productive. Otherwise, I am enjoying this conversation! Have a nice day! It is beautiful outside!

Like people care about who lives with who? So what? Is that how petty Bob has become? What a dumb thing to mention!!!!

So what? They are tax cheats. That's what and every candidate's "partner" is subject to the same scrutiny. Or should be. That's the point that "Bob" is making. Now I know you're a paid shill for the Democrats -- he is ROB, not Bob. I suspected it when you "welcomed" Mrs. Clinton to Westchester in the Chappaqua Library book-signing story.

Hey... the bottom line is that she's gorgeous! Like Cuomo, I'd do her given the chance...

I am sure Cuomo that this is just one of the benefits that he enjoys outside of marriage. Loop holes in the law protect the dishonest and politicians. Congressman Rangel won his primary and he got caught cheating. Unfortunately, less than 60- 50% of eligible voters actually vote. If everyone voted and/or cared enough, the government might be made up of those who actually represent the people. Cuomo benefits in this situation by not being married. He doesn't need to and so another way to get around things.

All I have to say is "Westhelp". Anyone who knows cuomo's past knows that westhelp was a disaster. He put welfare housing in an afluent neighborhood, and the crime rate went up 500%!
He promised that no drug addicts or prostitutes would be living there, yet the Greenburgh police department had several officers there every night arresting drug dealers and prostitutes.
The project was quietly abandoned and tore down after the neighbors had been tormented for close to 15 years!!

I beg to differ. Tarrytown Rd in Greenburgh has never been and will never be an affluent neighborhood. It was put on a main thoroughfare with a bus route for obvious reasons. You make it sound like it was in Scarsdale. Look at the news, drugs, dealers and prostitutes are all over Westchester. They just made a huge heroin bust here.

And why shouldn't "welfare housing" be placed in an "affluent neighborhood"? Those "affluent" people are so very liberal when it comes to helping those who are less fortunate, but they don't want them in their own backyard - they dump them into Mount Vernon, which has more than its fair share of welfare people. I say, ALL welfare housing should be placed in affluent areas - maybe the welfare people will be encouraged to get themselves out of their miserable circumstances and become self-sufficient.

Housing in upper Westchester is a challenge because most areas don't have the amenities lower income people need. They need access to public transportation, grocery stores, social services & daycare that one finds in a " walkable neighborhood." If you have been to upper Westchester, one has to drive to get to all these things. Have you ever tried walking along the Roads in Upper Westchester and many residential areas? You can't without risking your life. There are no sidewalks and cars go fast. Social Services that the government provides to many who qualify is often worth about $37,000 so there is no incentive to work because income would be lower and/or taxable. I live in White Plains and believe me there are lots who come to the city everyday who do not work and get government money. Watch Judge Judy if you don't believe me that a person who qualifies for "disability" can have a child and not work. NY is known as the Welfare State for a reason.

@sandra.harrison - Then those upper Westchester communities should invest in such amenities to allow lower income people to reside without much difficulties in those areas.

Public transportation is paid by the tax payers and be realistic, no community in 2014 has the money to great hospitals, and other social services that these people need. A community doesn't create grocery stores but allows for them to be in an area but a store can't just open anywhere. What planet do you live on? The homeless who are the very bottom of the income levels don't go to Bedford Hills or North Salem to live and the homeless that are given a night's stay at Westchester Airport are brought to White Plains and Mt. Vernon because there are services and food stores for them. It is a very complex problem. As a teacher, I worked with many of the children at the lower end of our society. Do you know that White Plains has group homes for children from NYC? We also have a family housing facility at the former WP Coach Hotel? You can't just dump people in the middle of no where. Visit Northern Westchester and you will see how things are. I wish their was a better solution to our society's hopeless population but money alone is not going to solve the problem. I hope you vote and continue to do so. Our world is a bit like colonial Jamestown where people came to America for its riches but didn't want to work for the survival of the small community. If you don't have everyone contribute, than even the affluent neighborhoods suffer.

The land in much of the upper tier is PROTECTED, so BY LAW there are no utilities in large swaths of land up there. So people like you and HUD jump up and down DEMANDING development while the EPA and DEC say no. We, the local taxpayers, get stuck in the middle of these federal agency skirmishes. Stay out of our business, and by the way, some people prefer to live more privately and without neighbors right next to them and on top of them. Who are you to tell people how to live?

No one is telling you how to live but government can help those of us shut out of areas to be allowed in. Racial and Ethnic divides exist everywhere and there were many communities in Westchester that did not allow certain groups to live in them. This is why there has been an attempt to integrate the county. Integration is a tough sell and most people in exclusive neighborhoods don't want certain people near them. I live in a co-op and there are people living in my building on public assistance and there is a woman who has been bringing this up at annual meetings. You can not discriminate when it comes to housing and it will take this country a long time to allow for mixing of all peoples. This is what happened to Detroit. People are living in areas of the city where there are no services because the city can't afford to give it to them. These neighborhoods are mostly in the abandoned areas. Look at Hawaii that was offering the homeless air flights to leave the island. Who wants the homeless and poor in their neighborhood? I don't know anyone who does.

Cuomo was one of the chief architects of the 2008 finacial meltdown. He was bad for the US and he bad for NY.

You're right on about Cuomo and his participation of the 2008 financial meltdown. He not only condoned the criminal actions by his Wall Street banker friends, but he also encouraged the actions. And of course he refused to prosecute any of them.

Poor Rob's probably just tweaked because they are living in sin...OMG! Go make another spoof of your personal life. Self deprecation is the way to go.

How is this "petty"? Why should I be subsidizing Cuomo and his girlfriend? NO, you can't have your cake and eat it too, Andy.... One has to actually be held responsible. He forced state mandated taxes on us, but doesn't pay them himself. People are sick of the "do as I say, but not as I do" attitude of these disingenuous liberals. Lee and Cuomo - Pay your way.... Both of you.

Liberals are actually more racist than most people who identify themselves as conservatives.

What is Governor Coumo's living arrangement any business of Astorino's? This jerk is grasping at straws and he should just shut the hell up! He obviously can't speak about the issues and has he even been confirmed yet as the republican candidate?

On point!!!! Bob will go after anything because he knows he loosing BIG!

Your all full of crap posting a pro cuomo he stinks as a governor and if u are real people and not paid posters than your morons people are moving out of new york any chance they have because cuomo is horrific he hasn't done one thing to help the economy except tax the heck out of everyone liberals are pathetic. ..Go Rob...

I think it's disgusting that people including Bob Astorio is attacking Sandra. It's All for political reasons and is blatantly self serving. Let's look into Astorios personal life and check everything out. Leave Sandra alone.
I think it's terrible that her taxes might go up Just because people politically are threatened by Andrew.
I now can't take Astorio seriously At All!!

Her taxes should go up -- she violated the law with her renovations and was caught. So time to pay up. She -- and her boyfriend -- are not above the law.

You miss ASTORINO's point -- if his wife Sheila has to disclose her background (financial, etc.) so should Sandra Lee since her living arrangement with Cuomo is a marriage of sorts. Astorino's life has been revealed and checked out and he is asking the same for Cuomo. That's fair.

C uomo and his ilk ruined the state. That's why people left in DROVES ... someone needs to stop the madness and let's hope it is Astorino.

Terrible that her taxes might go up? They should go up. She made renovations. We little people have to pay more when we improve our house, so why shouldn't she?

naturelover, I agree with you 100%. But the pro-Cuomo people who are posting here see it differently - they are fully supportive of the elitists who control the rest of us.

Pathetic Astorino! Personal attacks when you have nothing else. A desperate loser. Are you the best the Republican party had to offer here? Those people who voted for you should be asking themselves "why?" You ran only to position yourself for the Governor's race, not to work for Westchester.

Ah, hem..... Cuomo is also guilty of the personal attacks but I guess it's okay if your candidate does it. After all, he and his bimbo are above the law, dontyaknow.

I agree 100%

I am so looking forward to another Andrew Cuomo victory !

He with the NYC cabal will finish off the State.

It will be wonderful to live in the lowest State in all respects.

Bravo Andrew, Sandra, the Kennedy Crew and Daddy Mario with Momma Matlida !

Desperate people show their true colors.
Rob can't gain any traction on what he offers so he tries to smear Cuomo in a personal manner.
Rob you don't have a chance to win, but you do have the opportunity to lose with some class....

thats a sure sign of a desperate loser-way to go Rob-why dont you try to sling a little mud while you go down for the count???

Cuomo has been slinging mud all along, so now it's Astorino's turn, but he won't lower himself to that level.

Astorino is acting like a pampered child bringing up this issue. They are NOT married, end of story. Astorino should focus on the issues, and people will take him more seriously.

I wish Mr. Astorino would stick to the key issues and not this petty stuff…There's plenty to debate Mr. Cuomo on -- for example, despite saturating the air waves with these phony (election year) commercials on how great it is to start a business in NY, have Mr. Cuomo try to explain why NY ranked 40 out of 50 states in a recent CNBC analysis of “America’s Top States for Business.” If Mr. Astrorino doesn’t focus on issues that impact jobs, taxes, and quality of life issues, he’ll be wasting his time, our time and campaign contributions.

Politics is all about the petty stuff. Look at Congress and what they spend our taxes on. Influencing the few voters out there is done this way. Should Astorino compliment Cuomo? I don't like everything that Astorino has done but he was the first Republican I ever voted for. I don't like him for Governor and truthfully he doesn't have much of a chance in winning against Cuomo. When Cuomo runs again and again like his father did, I will definitely hope the Republicans put up a worth candidate against him. This is how I came to vote for Astorino cause Spano was County Executive for too too long.