Mamaroneck Wants Grant For Traffic-Calming 'Bumps'

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The Mamaroneck Town Board voted Wednesday in favor of applying for money from the Complete Streets Grants Program. Photo Credit: Pete Paguaga

MAMARONECK, N.Y. – The Mamaroneck Town Board voted unanimously Wednesday to apply for federal funds to create bump-outs, or traffic-calming devices, on the corners at the Central School and the Murray Avenue School.

The Complete Streets Grants Program pays for 100 percent of the work to fix streets, which, Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson said, is unheard of.

The two proposals would make it safer for pedestrians and drivers around both schools, town officials said. Bump-outs are protursions of the curb into the traffic lane intended to narrow the roadway and force cars to slow down.

The proposal “would create a bump-out in front of the Central School,” said Seligson. “People will see it in advance and it would be helpful for both the Central and Murray Schools.”

“You don’t know Central School is there if you’re not from around the area,” said Deputy Supervisor Phyllis Wittner.

Cathy Bennett, who lives on Garrett Avenue, questioned if the bump-outs would increase the traffic by Garret Avenue.

“I can’t get out at 7:40 a.m.,” said Bennett. “Bumping out would make it harder to get out.”

Town Administrator Stephen Altieri said that experience shows that traffic will slow down. He also added that there will be signs that will flash during school hours.

“Yes, we all have too many cars, too many big cars, but we are in this together,” said Seligson.

The deadline to apply for the grant is Oct. 6.

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