Westchester's Astorino Compares Living In New York To Prison Sentence

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Rob Astorino, left, recently said living in New York under Gov. Andrew Cuomo is like a prison sentence.
Rob Astorino, left, recently said living in New York under Gov. Andrew Cuomo is like a prison sentence. Photo Credit: File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive and Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino compared living in New York state under Gov. Andrew Cuomo with a prison sentence, according to the Albany Times-Union. 

Astorino made the comments during a a radio show, saying that everyone "just counts the days until you leave" the state, the Times-Union said. 

Astorino has been attacking New York's poor economic outlook since officially kicking off his campaign. His first televised campaign ad took Cuomo to task because of the low ranking New York receives in several economic categories.

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Comments (8)

It will be a while longer before I can get out Cuommy the clowns New York but I do have by bags packed and my tickets. Can"t wait to leave. So all you who support the New York welfare state enjoy your lowering life style.

what a dumb statement (among other dumb statements). fooled us into re-electing him and now WE are serving out a sentence until he's gone. I moved back to NYC and then to Westchester because, living in other states I found there's no better place to be.

Agree. We have to get rid of Cuomo -- before the state deteriorates completely under his watch. Tax, spend, entitlements ...the death march to a nanny state.

How true! I'm a Westchester native whose "sentence" was up seven years ago. Moved to another state -- along with millions of other NYers who escaped the high taxes, lousy weather, poor roads (state), etc. -- for a better, less expensive quality of life! Every day I meet fellow New Yorkers -- mostly from upstate and Long Island. If you want the exodus to continue and NY to continue to rank low, vote back in Cuomo. If you want to bring back NY, vote Astorino.

Not much either genius can do about the weather, enjoy NC guess you miss us here since you have to read what is going on.

Bye bye Robbie. We'll help you pack your bags and go. Cuomo's no saint, but compared to you, he's Mother Teresa.

Thank you for your comment, Noam Bramson.

Astorino is right on!. Cuomos' policies continue to drive businesses and people ( those who can afford to leave) out of the state. His corrupt anti-corruption commission was pathetic and the massive train-wreck of an anti-firearms law called the safeact, was thrown in his face when the majority of citizens refused to register their so-called assault weapons. This fool must go!!! New York needs Rob Astorino for Governor!!!