'Mamaroneck to Manchester' Shows Primary Through Students' Eyes

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Harrison Frank (center) plans to register as a Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the New York primary April 24. Photo Credit: Mark Lederman

MAMARONECK, N.Y. – Whoever said young people are politically disengaged never met Joe Liberti’s AP American politics and government students, who are the subject of a 52-minute film chronicling their trip to the 2012 New Hampshire primary.

“Mamaroneck to Manchester” is now available to view online for free. It documents the 61 Mamaroneck High School students' field trip to Manchester, N.H., in January. 

Each student worked on one of four Republican campaigns and had their experiences filmed by the school’s video production teacher Emily Dombroff, along with students on the trip. 

“The video was shot in high-definition and features a wonderful soundtrack and various interviews,” Liberti said. “It’s really an amazing piece of work.”

In New Hampshire, students helped at phone banks, attended political rallies, marched with placards and met presidential candidates.

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